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Awaken your natural hearing intelligence with HANSATON hearing aids


Make a statement at the next party with HANSATON FOKUS and StereoBeam for easy conversations.

Relief in Everyday Life

Your brain can compensate for hearing loss to a certain extent, however, compensating for hearing loss can be exhausting. Fatigue is therefore often a side effect of hearing loss. A hearing aid can improve acoustically demanding situations, making everyday life easier and thus increasing your personal quality of life.



Award-winning style

The beautiful, slender Style RIC hearing aids offer high performance, easy connectivity to your mobile phone, and the freedom of rechargeability.

The Ultra Power Option

The beat FS Ultra Power hearing aids boost everyday conversations with ConversationLift technology, designed to enhance speech. Dual receivers provide significant output and gain (141/84) because every decibel counts when you’re having fun.

Preserving Sounds

Hearing loss usually means that certain sound signals are no longer transmitted to the brain so the brain is missing information making it much more difficult to understand words. Often you can hear that someone is talking, but you can’t hear the words clearly.

The early use of hearing aids can help keep your brain stimulated by giving it the information it needs to understand speech.

Beautiful Designs

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each HANSATON hearing aid has been carefully designed to be comfortable and durable as well as extremely stylish. Most of our designs are both small and water resistant, so they can easily fit in your life.
Stellar designs for your hearing needs.

HearIntelligence™ supports natural hearing intelligence

HearIntelligence™ technology was developed by HANSATON to enhance natural functions and processes in human hearing

Hearing Aids Connect to Your Smartphone

Turn your hearing aid devices into discrete wireless headphones for hands-free phone calls. Answer a phone call or listen to music streaming directly to your hearing aids. Connect two phones or tablets at once. Enjoy the freedom!

With some HANSATON hearing aids, you can control mobile phone devices with a simple double tap on your ear.

You can personalize your listening experience with your smartphone. The basic features on the HANSATON app are very easy to use and the more advanced features provide even more specialized customization.  

Rechargeable Freedom

Up to 24 hours of runtime.

Enjoy the freedom of rechargeable hearing aids, even charging on-the-go, with HANSATON rechargeable hearing aid options. 

  • Proven rechargeable Lithium-ion battery technology:  freedom from having to change batteries
  • Up to 24 hour battery life between charges that offers you the peace of mind to enjoy everyday life
  • Only three hours charging time to a full charge
  • The battery reaches 80% charge after only 1½ hours of charging
  • Less waste thanks to rechargeability

Customized for You    

    HANSATON hearing aids have tiny computers in them with millions of possible combinations of settings. These settings are adjusted by your hearing healthcare professional to match  our specific hearing loss and your specific hearing needs – to match your lifestyle.

For example, some of the features on the hearing aids are designed to increase the volume of sounds around you, some are designed to focus on speech, some others are designed to reduce noises.        

Customization is key to get just the right fit for you. 

What to expect with a new hearing aid

Taking home your new pair of hearing aids is an exciting day. You’ve most likely gotten used to living with hearing difficulties and have missed out on many of life’s wonderful sounds. With your new hearing aid, you’ll hear lots of soft subtle sounds of your surroundings you’d been missing again. However, this sudden sensory overload can sometimes be overwhelming at first.

When it comes to your first few weeks with a new hearing aid, it’s important to be patient. There will be a period of adjustment as you get used to hearing again. Here are some tips: 

  1. Give your ears and brain some time to get used to hearing again. 
  2. Wear your hearing aids regularly. 
  3. Practice in quieter locations, then progress to louder situations. 
  4. Read aloud to yourself to get used to hearing your own voice again. 
  5. Start with family or friends – those with familiar voices. 
  6. Write down any things you may want to personalize for your hearing experience so you can discuss them with your hearing healthcare professional.

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