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HADEO Clean & Care

It is important to take care of your HANSATON hearing aids and regularly clean them, so they stay in good condition and function at their best.

HADEO Clean & Care Products

With special care products that have been developed especially for hearing aids, you can significantly increase the functionality and lifespan of your hearing aids. Care that quickly pays for itself.

UV Dry Box

The UV Dry Box cleans the hearing aids by means of UVC and dries by means of heating and airflow. The UVC light eliminates dirt and the presence of up to 99.9% of bacteria from hearing aids.

The UV Dry Box gently dries hearing aids without chemical additives and uses very little energy. Suitable for rechargeable hearing systems.

HADEO Drying with UV Dry Box
HADEO Cleaning RICs and BTEs Daily with Tissues
HADEO Cleaning BTE Earmolds with Cleansing Concentrate
HADEO Cleaning BTE Earmolds with Cleaning Tabs
HADEO Cleaning ITEs with Spray
HADEO Drying with Capsules
HADEO Cleaning ITEs with Tissues

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