HearIntelligence™ supports your natural hearing

HearIntelligence™ technology was developed by HANSATON with the goal of enhancing natural functions and processes in human hearing.

Smooth interactions

HearIntelligence™ technology senses the acoustic environment as closely as possible to the way nature does. It uses advanced innovative technologies to support the complex interactions between the incoming sound, the ear and the brain. Smooth interactions between each feature are designed to recreate multidimensional hearing for realistic connections with the acoustic environment in a multitude of social situations.

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Enjoy the next car ride with Dynamic SpeechBeam in car

HearIntelligence™ technology incorporates specially developed features to help provide you the best possible hearing experience and could lead to a whole new quality of life with your family and friends.*

Source: “Evaluation of the Social and Economic Costs of Hearing Impairment”, October 2006, Hear-it AISBL.

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