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Using innovative accessories and exercising proper cleaning methods with your hearing aids ensures the highest quality performance and potentially longevity from your hearing aids.

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Modern technology makes many things possible. Intelligent remote controls, TV/multimedia devices for your hearing aids and apps to control settings with one click — HANSATON has taken up many of the advantages our innovative world has to offer and turned them into beautifully simple high-tech solutions. For you, that means more comfort, flexibility and freedom.

Cleaning & Care

Maintaining your hearing systems is important, as hearing systems comprise many tiny components and highly sophisticated electronics. To safeguard the functionality of your hearing systems and to prevent damage, it is important to know how to clean and care for your hearing systems correctly.

HADEO Drying with UV Dry Box
HADEO Cleaning RICs and BTEs Daily with Tissues
HADEO Cleaning BTE Earmolds with Cleansing Concentrate
HADEO Cleaning BTE Earmolds with Cleaning Tabs
HADEO Cleaning ITEs with Spray
HADEO Drying with Capsules
HADEO Cleaning ITEs with Tissues

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Our ears are complex sensory organs. Hearing well helps keep your brain stimulated.

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