About Us

Innovative by Tradition

Since the inception of HANSATON in 1957 in Hamburg, Germany, we have been striving to provide exceptional, cutting-edge products with impeccable design to our exclusive partners and clients. Being part of the Sonova group since 2015, with full access to the Sonova Research & Development department, HANSATON’s technology is based on cutting-edge, proven technology.   

We have a driving passion to help people hear better. Join us! Together we can provide premium designs and innovative technology for exceptional hearing and emotions.

This is why after more than 60 years we continue to deliver on that passion with esthetically pleasing designs so people can be proud to use our hearing systems.

Day after day, HANSATON works to support hearing impaired people and provide hearing systems that help them do something that should be a given: hear their best every day.
For HANSATON, “hearing & emotions” are inextricably linked. From the first idea for a new hearing system, to aesthetic design concepts for the housing, to the people who wear the new system. Since the 1950s, HANSATON has numbered among the most consistently successful brands in the industry.

Foundation of HANSATON

Rudolf G. E. Fischer founded the company in 1957 and introduced the advanced hearing aids of an American manufacturer to the German market.

First HANSATON hearing aids

The development department set up by Uwe Fischer begins to develop its own hearing aids, which start to convey the philosophy of HANSATON in a unique way.

Third-generation family tradition

After completing his engineering studies, Andreas Fischer joined the family business as operations manager. Johannes Fischer follows a few years later and takes over the expansion of the global sales network.


In order to strengthen the HANSATON brand and support growth ambitions, HANSATON starts a strategic partnership with Sonova. By 2019 HANSATON is fully integrated to leverage Sonova’s cutting-edge innovations.