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Radio Sonic Hearing Health Clinic has been working to rehabilitate hearing impaired since 1994, and occupies a prominent position in the field of Audiology. Under the supervision of a US qualified Audiologist and foreign qualified Engineer, Radio Sonic has a good reputation for Ear Diagnosis and Hearing Aid Repair. Radio Sonic’s staff members are highly skilled and trained professionals ensuring the highest level of services.

Western Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre has been established as a hearing care centre in Karachi, Pakistan. Our traditional business model is based on the Hearing Assessment Testing & Hearing Aid Dispensing. People with hearing loss often come directly to us for services. We are working with ENT Specialists. Our team is experts in finding solutions for hearing loss through fitting and adjustment of hearing aids and other assistive devices. We have 3 established outlets in different parts of Karachi. We also offer hearing screening to organization employees all over Pakistan.