Focus on what’s
important to you. 

Enable your clients to be in the moment with HANSATON FOKUS.


HANSATON started in 1957 with a passion for helping those with hearing loss.   
That passion continues today.

Be in the Moment with HANSATON FOKUS

Make a statement at the next party with StereoBeam for easy conversations.

A new level of freedom with STRATOS hearing aids

Explore how STRATOS hearing systems can elevate your clients’ hearing to the next level. 

A New Dimension of HearIntelligence

Developed by HANSATON with the goal of enhancing natural functions and processes in human hearing.

Design with a purpose

Great design pairs together remarkable beauty with outstanding functionality.

HANSATON strives to create great designs so our clients can easily use their hearing aids and be proud of them.


Award-winning style


The beautiful, slender Style RICs have received the German Design Award.





Since 1957, HANSATON has been working with its partners to provide people with hearing loss a greater quality of life. Our exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding design have been helping people for generations. Every day. Around the world.


More comfort, flexibility and freedom with HANSATON accessories.


An aesthetic hearing experience.


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