Most people with tinnitus primarily suffer from the constant stress and mental strain that the condition can cause. This is because each acoustic signal our ears receive is processed and decoded by our auditory canals and our brains: Where is the noise coming from? How loud is it? Is it a spoken word? And, if so, what does it mean?

Even though we can’t close our ears the way we can close our eyes, our brain stems are capable of subconsciously filtering out individual signals it classifies as meaningless. This is why, for example, parents are able to hear their children crying at night, but rattling doors do not wake them up.

Our brains

can focus on

certain sounds.

Tinnitus Solutions

HANSATON offers hearing aids that combine hearing enhancement with support for tinnitus therapy. By providing amplification in the range affected by hearing loss, your clients will hear more everyday sounds, while also potentially perceiving the tinnitus less. During quiet moments, your clients can switch on the noise generator, which may help their body adapt and learn to compensate for the tinnitus.

You have the choice: let our practically invisible in-ear models support your tinnitus therapy or choose designer HANSATON hearing aids for elegant form and color combinations. No matter which style you choose, your clients can look forward to more relaxation in everyday life.

Our Tinnitus Manager noise generator can be enabled with or without sound amplification, so it is suitable for clients with and without hearing loss.  The Tinnitus Manager can be enabled and it can be customized individually in each hearing aid program.  Also for each program, you can enable the ability for your clients to adjust the level of the noise generator themselves either via their hearing aid controls or via the stream remote App, for wireless hearing systems. 

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