An aesthetic hearing experience.

For us, the optimal hearing experience means bringing together innovative technology and the refining of hand-made acoustic devices. Both of these are packed into an attractive casing featuring the results of research carried out over many years along with our flair. Here at HANSATON, we talk about an “aesthetic hearing experience” and we are convinced that the internal characteristics of our hearing systems should be carried over to its exterior by an attractive design.

Design with a purpose

Great design pairs together remarkable beauty with outstanding functionality. HANSATON strives to create great designs so your clients can easily use their hearing aids and be proud of them. We want to put an end to the stigma around hearing aids – globally.

Form & Function

Careful, purposeful design can be seen in HANSATON hearing system.  There are functional details, such as clear ridges on the controls so they are easy to find or the ease-of-use of our app.  There are also beautiful details, such as the distinctive designs printed on the sides of HANSATON hearing systems making the devices even more attractive.  How form and function work together play a prominent role in the development of our distinguished designs from the initial sketches and 3D models through to the pairing of the external design with the internal modern chip technology.

The result:  innovative, user-friendly and elegant hearing systems.


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Learn more about our mission and purpose.