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HANSATON in Australia

Evertone Pty. Ltd.

Evertone Pty. Ltd. was establish in 1999 and deals with the importing and distribution of the highest quality hearing aids to meet all the needs of the Australian public.

Evertone brings the same high quality parts as larger companies with a small company appeal and unmatched customer care. With its large network of support that includes training, technical support and repairs, you will always leave satisfied and confident that you have received the best product and service.

The unique quality of being an independent importer means that Evertone is able to source brands that meet their standards in terms of quality and function. Any product that Evertone decides to distribute is scrutinised over by the team of hearing professionals within the company.

Evertone always evaluates the current market trends in order to stay-up-to-date with the current technology, and ensures their products are always priced competitively.

Evertone is a recognised supplier under the New Australia Hearing Aid Industry. Evertone Hearing aids approved by OHS (Office of Hearing Services), TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration Australian Government. Evertone is a member of HAMADAA (Hearing Aids Manufactures and Distribution Association of Australia

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